The Volvo S90 is popular with our customers at Volvo Cars of Nashville for many reasons. This luxury sedan was made with the most innovative features available, which is why it's one of the best vehicles in its class. Let's see what the exterior of the S90 has to offer.

With the S90, LED headlights come with Volvo's Thor's Hammer daytime running lights that offer superior visibility and unique styling. The full-LED Active Beam Illumination technology can automatically change between low and high beam for optimal light coverage. The S90 is also equipped with Active Bending Lights, which can move in the same direction of the steering wheel up to 30? so that you have enhanced visibility when you're maneuvering around curves.

The Volvo features an exterior design that integrates Scandinavian elegance and cutting-edge innovation. You can even choose accessories to further enhance the exterior's appeal, such as a lavish rear spoiler.



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