Eliminate Distracted Driving with a Few Tips

You can easily get distracted on the road. When this happens, you’re more likely to swerve into another lane or hit the car in front of you. At Volvo Cars of Nashville, we have a few tips to help with distracted driving.

Don’t multi-task when you’re behind the wheel. Ask a passenger to send the text or wait until you get to your destination. Cell phones should be used in case of an emergency rather than for social calls. Even if you have a hands-free approach, you could still miss important audio and visual cues. As for multi-tasking, that goes for not eating or drinking when you’re driving, too.

Pay attention to just how tired you are. It’s easy to get distracted if you’re tired. Don’t push yourself just because you have things to do. Pull off the road when you feel drowsy or swap with another licensed driver in the vehicle.



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