Test Drive the Volvo XC90 and Never Get Lost Again

Volvo's new edition of the XC90 takes this luxury SUV to the next level of technology. Whether it's the head-up display or the Sensus Navigation service, you'll feel like it was designed to get you to your destination efficiently.

In addition to the graphical driver display behind the steering wheel, drivers also are treated to a head-up display that's projected onto the windshield directly in front of them. Its unobtrusive information keeps you informed of critical road conditions and current speed without taking your eyes from the road.

Volvo's Sensus Navigation is also at your fingertips in the center column of the dash. This guidance system is designed to connect to cloud services and apps that can provide the navigation advice at any time. The real-time traffic information it includes ensures that you won't be surprised by traffic jams.



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