Length of service life, problems with your vehicle’s charging system, and your environment can all play a role in the condition of your car battery. If you want to avoid that moment when you turn the key and nothing happens, it’s time to test your car battery.

Testing a Car Battery is Easy

When you want to test, turn off the car's ignition, accessories, and lights. Anything drawing electricity may cause your reading to be inaccurate. Attach a voltmeter to the battery, positive lead to the positive battery terminal and negative lead to the negative terminal. Then your voltmeter will display a number. If the reading is 12.4 or higher, your battery is in great shape. If it’s lower, you could have an issue with your battery.

Is There a Problem?

?If you need a battery replacement or help with a problem in your car’s electrical systems, just give us a call. Volvo Cars of Nashville's friendly service professionals are available to diagnose the problem and make any necessary repairs.


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