Many drivers don't worry about a flat tire because they have them changed at a service center. However, it's necessary that you know how to change a flat tire if there comes a time when help isn't readily available.

Having the right equipment by your side when a flat tire occurs is essential. You'll need a car jack, spare tire, flashlight, warning indicators, wheel chocks, and tools. Be sure to try a practice run if you've never changed a tire before, which will make it less challenging if you have to change it in the rain or at night.

After you secure your vehicle, get your jack, tools, and spare tire. Then loosen the lug nuts before you lift your car, but don't take the lug nuts off just yet. After you lift your vehicle at least six inches off of the ground, take off the lug nuts and wheel. After you remove the flat tire, put on the spare. Be sure to have your spare replaced as soon as possible because compact spares are only designed to go short distances at slow speeds.

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